Heat Exchangers sell in EU according to the client needs:

      • box coolers
      • cargo condensers
      • charge air coolers
      • COPT condensers
      • DEX evaporators.
      • electric heaters
      • FC condensers
      • fresh water generators
      • gasketed plate heat exchanges
      • HVAC air coolers
      • water-oil coolers
      • LNG-LPG vaporizers
      • MGO coolers
      • MGO cooling units
      • tank cleaning heaters

      With a strong focus on state-of-the-art technology, we implement a unique quality-value proposition for the clients. In addition, every product comes with a two-year warranty and is manufactured with top-quality European raw materials.

      All products also come with lifetime technical support and the inspections needed to make sure that newly installed parts work right. In addition, we can provide training for equipment operators, technical reporting, documentation, and competitive delivery times.Those values align with approach to bringing more efficiency to the maritime industry.

      Thanks to 3D modeling, we can help predict and prevent potential installation problems. In addition, the company maintains a 12-point Quality Control Checklist for every product, including minimizing product footprints.

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    Independent inspections (Third Party Inspections) in industry:

    • Checking of new or existing clients/suppliers for compliance with your requirements/requirements of your project and, or checking their stated capabilities;
    • Control of the production process;
    • Carrying out independent incoming inspection of materials and equipment;
    • Carrying out independent control of materials and equipment at the manufacturer’s output;
    • Operational control of products during the production process;
    • Carrying out continuous monitoring of work progress at the manufacturer/repair site with the preparation of reports (hourly/daily/weekly...) on the work performed;
    • Checking the processes of preparation, assembly and welding of metal structures at any (or all) stages of production or repair;
    • Control of sampling and samples for analysis or testing;
    • Supervision over testing of materials, products or equipment;
    • Organizing sample testing/carrying out analyzes in laboratories (with provision of necessary reports/certificates;
    • Witnessing of equipment testing on behalf of the customer/manufacturer/class/other parties;
    • Shipment control;
    • Control of execution of accompanying documentation.

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    Ship surveys / MSM (ISM and ISPS) and ILO on-board audits:

    • MSM & ILO on-board audits;
    • Pre-Loading Survey;

    • On-Hire – Off-Hire survey;

    • Full Condition Survey;

    • Loading – Discharging Supervision;

    • Draught Survey;

    • Hold Condition Inspection;

    • Bunker Survey;

    • Bunker – Ballast – Cargo sampling;

    • Hatch Cover Watertightness Test – Hose – Ultrasonictest;

    • Internal inspection of tanks, cargo spaces, other spaces (with report and

          photo-report forming);

    • Witnessing of ship tanks tightness tests;

    • Help for readiness of ship / crew members to class/flag/port state inspections and surveys;

    • Technical supervision of any (or all) stages of ship building / repair / modernisation works on shipyards, drydocks or afloat;

    • Post accident survey. Visual inspection of hull / structural elements / equipment of the vessel after accidents with filling of the necessary documents;

    • Organization and assistance with the ship recycling process (including documentation).

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    Cargo inspection during loading/unloading/transshipment:

    • Control of quality certificates;

    • Visual inspection for damage of cargo, checking labeling and packaging of cargo;

    • Control of the mean of transport (holds / cargo spaces / trailers / semi-trailers / storage rooms) for compliance with the stated conditions for the carriage of cargo;

    • Description of cargo storage;

    • Control of loading, unloading, reloading operations;

    • Sampling and analysis in independent accredited laboratories;

    • Checking the execution of accompanying documentation by the shipper.

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    Agency services / Cash delivery on board / Assistance in organizing of any work on ships:

    • Agency services, including delivery/urgent delivery of cash on board the ship (only by prepayment!);

    • Organization of welding works;

    • Organization of repair/modernization works;

    • Organization of inspection/calibration of ship equipment;

    • Organization of work with local manufacturers and service providers;

    • Organization and assistance in the acceptance of work by representatives of the class, Flag and port authorities;

    • Material and technical supply.

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    Any intermediary services 

    • Intermediary services in the purchase or sale of services of third companies (including export and import);

    • Intermediary services in the purchase or sale of materials/products/equipment (including export and import);

    • Representing the company's interests to clients, assistance in preparation and participation in exhibitions and other events;

    • Any other intermediary services upon request.

    Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

    • Steel surfaces cleaning by laser on board of the ship;

    • Laser cleaning of steel surfaces in your workshop or warehouse;

      • Steel surfaces cleaning by laser during production process (before/after welding, before/after any production steps).

      Providing reports or photo reports (by request) for all stated above services

      Steel surface cleaning services by laser:

      Sale of industrial lasers for steel surfaces cleaning:

      • Help in choosing the right laser for your needs;

      • Help in choosing the right accesories for your needs;

        • Help with selecting an operator to work with a laser;

        • Organization of laser operator training;

        • Opportunity to try the laser capabilities for free (before buying the laser) in the manufacturer’s workshop (you can bring your own samples for cleaning);

        • Possibility of developing and manufacturing a laser automated to suit your needs/requirements.

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